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New Gay Animation Games With Extra Dirty Kinks

The world of adult gaming was always the perfect place where you can get cartoon parody porn. But it wasn’t always so welcoming to gay players as it is these days. The gay gaming niche has gained a lot of popularity, and the developers saw potential in creating parodies for all the gay and bisexual players with cartoon fetishes. We noticed that and decided to bring all the games of this niche in one place. That place is simply called Gay Cartoon Sex Games and it comes with the hottest collection of free sex games featuring cartoon characters that were reimagined as gay lovers. All the games that we feature on this site are form the new generation. There is no Flash porn game on this site, as they are simply obsolete and they weren’t featuring too many gay kinks anyway. We only come with HTML5 games, which besides the fact that are cross platform ready, are also coming with great graphics and new development engines. These new engines for movement, design and rendition are allowing the game developers to come up with characters who look so much like the real ones from your favorite animations and cartoon series. So, let’s take a look at what kind of cartoons and animations got turned into xxx games that can be played on our site.

All Cartoon Characters Went Gay For Us

Out site might be called Gay Animation Games, but we are featuring games with characters also from animation movies, comics, animated series with superheroes, adult swim cartoons, and even with anime characters. We wanted to offer everyone the chance to fuck their animated crush in these games. You will be able to fuck them yourself in POV sex simulators, of you can enjoy adventures in RPG gameplay that takes place in the universe of the original story, with playable sex scenes characters whom you’ve always wanted to fuck.

Amongst the most wanted and played games of our site you will find the superhero gay parody games, which are coming with DC and Marvel heroes fucking each other. The Jocker fucks Batman and Loki gets ass raped by Hulk amongst many others. On the other hand, if you want something funny and dirty, we have gay games with Family Guy and Simpsons, some of which are cross universe, meaning that Peter Griffin and Homer are finally sucking each other’s dicks. But we also have porn parody gay games that will ruin your childhood. How about a Ninja Turtle gay game or action featuring the characters of Loony Toons? We have that too. The anime parody games are the most appreciated by the girls who are coming on our site. They just love to see their favorite Naturo characters going gay for each other, and we also include gender bender games in this collection, with girls reimagined as gay boy characters.

We’re properly organized this collection, with tags for every single character that is featured in these games. You can use the search bar and look for the name of your cartoon character crush, and the page will display all the games in which you can see them fucking. And if we don’t have your favorite character yet, just wait and play the other games. We are constantly bringing new games in this collection and we will surely find some with your cartoon crushes one day.

Play Everything Free And Discretely

All the games that we have on our site can be played for free. We never ask for any kind of money, personal data and the ads we have on our site are not going to interrupt your gameplay experience or pop up unexpectedly. Some of the games we have are free for the first time, and you could only play them before with a premium membership on other sites. But just because we are offering free gaming, that doesn’t mean you’re not safe here. You’re just as safe on our site as you are on PornHub. We know this kink is not one you want to get caught enjoying, so we never make you join our site. You can anonymously play gay cartoon sex games here.

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